Church Greeters 101

Do you lead a Church Greeters Ministry

that feels unmotivated, disorganized, and ineffective?

Not too long ago, a pastor described to me his church greeter ministry as

“what happens, happens.”

Their church had church greeters that did some some greeting work.

But in his own words, the church greeter ministry “was just a disorganized collection of people doing a half-hearted job.”

He described his church greeters in the church as:

  • Having no training
  • Having no job description
  • Having no criteria for a job well done.
  • Having no guidance or motivation to go beyond a hello.

Perhaps you are in a similar situation with the church greeting ministry at your church.

You know its ineffective.

or maybe your church greeter ministry functions but it is very dull.

Or perhaps, you don’t even have a church greeter ministry.

How to be a church greeter seems like common sense to me, but to many people it’s not.
Your book was most helpful in giving me training ideas.

Kevin Cunningham
Assistant Pastor
Trinity Baptist Church
Nashua NH


  • You’ve been asked to recruit greeters for your church greeting ministry.
  • You’ve been asked to organize your church greeters, but aren’t quite sure where to start.
  • You’ve been asked to train your current greeters but can’t find any adequate training material available.

Maybe you are not sure of any of the requirements to be a church greeter and are asking. . .

Where do I begin?

This is what I hear from people like you who find this website.

They’ve recently been recruited into the position of organizing the church greeters.

The church is starting a new greeter ministry.

Volunteers are too busy to figure out how to start a greeter ministry from scratch.

How do I re-launch our Greeter Ministry?

Perhaps your greeter ministry has fizzled out during an interim minister, after the previous pastor left.

Maybe your church greeting ministry has been neglected because your church has been through a process of healing from a tough season.

Now it’s time to re-energize your church greeter ministry.

I’ve been looking for a resource to help guide me as I work to rebuild our greeter ministry.

Church Greeters 101 hits the spot!

What I really found helpful about Church Greeters 101 was the practical action steps in each chapter.

By the time I finished, I could see how to put together an effective greeter training, which was what I was needing.

bobbygAfter reading this book, I could tell that Chris has been listening to the people he seeks to serve.

The practical nature of this book has given me the boost I needed to rebuild our greeter ministry.

‘Bobby G’ Griffiths
Worship, Arts & Media Coach
Riverside Community Church, Riverside, CA

Many thanks. Book was just the thing I had been looking for as I am trying to improve the Meeting & Greeting at our Anglican Church.

The book is certainly comprehensive and is very suitable for our two congregations of 50 – 80 each. Will help to change the process from being a ‘chore’ to ‘enjoyable’.

I have made a Keynote presentation for Meeting and Greeting 19 slides.

Roger Street

Whangaparaoa, New Zealand.

Searching for Church Greeter ideas

You are searching for something related to church greeters.

Maybe you have sought for:

  • Examples of Church Greeter Training
  • Church Greeters Training steps
  • Books on Church Greeting Ministry
  • Church Greeter Guidelines
  • Even free greeter training material (see the Free Videos section)

But what you have found is nothing that fits you or your church.

Nothing that is recent.

Nothing that answers the questions you are asking.

Nothing that solves the practical questions like:

  • How many church greeters do I need?
  • How I find the right people to be church greeters?
  • How do I recruit church greeters to serve in ministry?
  • How do I develop commitment from church greeters?
  • How do I help people see the importance of a church greeting ministry?
  • What are some ways to greet someone in my church?
  • Becoming a church door greeter.
  • How do I begin a greeter ministry in a small church?
  • How do I teach greeters to be warm, caring, and perceptive?
  • How help first time church visitors feel welcome
  • Help church greeters be attentive
  • Develop consistency in greeting
  • Getting greeters to smile.
  • How to get beyond “good morning.”
  • How to implement and develop a church greeter ministry from scratch.

Maybe you realize that the current material available on organizing and training church greeters

is so outdated that it is embarrassing to read.

Church Greeters 101 is meant to fill that hole, and provides you with concrete action steps to help you establish and revitalize your church greeter teams and greeting ministry.

  1. Is it possible to be relationally warm without seeming fake or creepy?
  2. How do you find volunteers, get them to participate, and and get them to commit to serving as a greeter?
  3. Is it possible to recruit a team that loves welcoming church members and first time church visitors?
  4. Do you want to ensure that all visitors are receiving a greeting?

Do you want to get past the “hi?”

There are a lot of articles and books on ‘why’ greeters are so important to the vitality of a church, but Pastor Walker gives us insight and guidance on the ‘how’ of organizing a vital greeter ministry.

Rodger BridgemanA great primer for churches organizing church greeter training — filled with practical workshop guidelines and training exercises.

Roger Bridgeman
First Congregational Church
Outreach Committee
Sharon, Massachusetts.

Inside Church Greeters 101 you’ll find

  • Now Available in Kindle and Paperback

    Now Available in Kindle and Paperback

    How to recruit new church greeters

  • How to keep your church greeters from dropping out of ministry.
  • Meeting ideas for church greeter training.
  • 4 steps to recruit new church greeters and keep them on board.
  • 11 Sample exercises and role plays
  • 27 brainstorming questions for your greeter ministry
  • A special section on ushers
  • How to notice a 1st time visitor
  • What to say to first time church visitors
  • What NOT to say to first time church visitors
  • How to spiritually prepare your greeting team
  • A plan for organizing your greeter department or ministry
  • Sample church greeter guidelines and checklist for last minute reference
  • Sample initial greeter training meeting
  • 6 qualities of a excellent greeter
  • 10 possible topics for greeter training meetings
  • How to organize a greeting ministry from scratch
  • How to schedule greeters
  • How to figure out how many greeters you need.
  • 6 different types of greeters.
  • Ideas to develop your own church handouts and checklists.
  • Help your greeters develop a commitment to this ministry

You want practical “how to material.”

My friend calls this 141 page book a “bed in a bag simple” book to start a greeting ministry.

You want guidance to help you think though how to do this in your local context.

Church Greeters 101 together to help you do just that.

I’ve read through the book and my mind is swirling with ideas. There is so much to talk about to our greeters and ushers at our meeting on later this month!!!! Your ebook is full of my pink and yellow Highlights with all the ideas I could potentially use. You’ve also helped me think through what steps I need to take as the new ministry leader. Taking on organizing this ministry doesn’t seem so overwhelming anymore. The follow-up phone call helped me discover some practical steps I could immediately take to fire up the ministry in our 400 member church. — Joyce Hampsher, Central Iowa

Use Church Greeters 101 to develop your greeter training

You might be looking for material to help you develop your greeter training and are not happy with the current state of the material that is out there.

Perhaps you’ve looked at websites and realize that you’ll need to develop your own training.

The biggest feedback I get is how Church Greeters 101 fills that need and inspires the development of great training material.

Last week, gathering all what can be applied in our church from your messages, videos and examples, I had a general meeting with all the ushers and greeters.  It’s a very lively discussion indeed! From personal hygiene,questions to ask, and how to welcome everybody. A BIG THANK YOU.

E Enciso, Dubai

Our team will use your Church Greeters 101 book as we prepare a fall training session for our greeters. Our church, with 900 in worship on Sundays, wants to grow our hospitality ministry and your book was a great tool to help us start our thinking about improving and organizing our greeting ministry.

It reaffirmed some things we knew like the art of greeting versus the mechanics of a system, and the reminder that this is a ministry not a job.

Your follow-up telephone consultation with my team helped to confirm our ideas, point us in a direction for this fall, and spurred new ideas that we’ll work on implementing. — N. Turner, Wesley UMC

Here is a sample from the Table of Contents of Church Greeters 101

  • Organizing Your Church’s Greeting Ministry
  • Recruiting Volunteer Greeters
  • Training Church Greeters
  • The Character Of A Greeter
  • Duties Of A Greeter
  • Sample Greeter Checklist
  • Brainstorming Procedure Questions.
  • Sample Greeter Training Workshop
  • Sample Training Exercises

I found it to be very useful toward what we are looking for in training our existing church greeters. You have been very clear without being overly simple in your approach. I appreciate your eBook. Thank you for taking the time to write it out. I would like to share the information with our Board to Greeters over a series of weeks sometime within the year.

You have spelled out what needed to be covered quite thoroughly so that a church with an existing ministry could use the contents as a weekly (or monthly) study.

Excellent job in that.

– J. Shaw, Charlottesville

101 Cover OnlySo what’s the price?

You can acquire this 99 page Church Greeter Training book  from Amazon for





$9.99 – Kindle

$12.99 for Paperback

I’ve seen other church greeter ebooks for sale at $39 and at $49.

For years, I have sold this book at 14.99 from this website.

Now that it is available exclusively for the Amazon Kindle at least until September 3, 2013, it’s been discounted yet further to $9.99.

You get more tested information for more than half-price of what others are selling their church greeter ebooks for.

Don’t need a Kindle

You may not have a Kindle.   Amazon makes free apps that will allow you to read kindle books on

  • PC
  • Mac
  • Android Smartphones
  • iPhones
  • Android and iOS tablets
  • Blackberry

You can download that free app and start reading any book in the kindle format.  I have the app on my phones, pcs, and tablets and use them regularly.

I am in an exclusive arrangement with Amazon at the moment to distribute this book.

Bonus Offer Coaching Appointment

For those who purchase and leave a review, I will offer you an hour of personal greeter coaching time over the telephone to help you apply some of these your situation.

People have paid to access to my hospitality training and you can have your own for free.

That is a $97 value added bonus.

I believe in helping you implement what you’ll read about church greeters.

I don’t want you to simply let it this church greeter training sit on your hard drive in a digital dust bin or on the table.

After you read the book, you’ll have some questions, so I want to give you access to me for practical implementation.

You will need to contact me via one of the options listed in the book.

Chris Walker’s coaching ability is wonderful.

He’s a clear thinker with a way of cutting through the clutter and confusion surrounding a problem.

He focuses on the most practical path to a resolution and effectively communicates how to reach the intended goal.

Les Dahlstedt
St. Matthew Lutheran Church

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P. S. Let me remind you.

The free coaching bonus sessions are disappearing.

Get your free coaching appointment by securing your copy of this book today!

PPS. Just so you know, I’m a real person and I really do sell these books online and give live seminars throughout the USA and Latin America. My contact information is at the bottom of this page.

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Common Questions

Q.  What happened to the direct download version of Church Greeters 101 that was here? 

A.  Due to a marketing program for Amazon, I’ve had to agree to sell this book only via Amazon until September 1, 2013.  After that, the instant download version may appear here.

Q.  Is there a paperback of Church Greeters 101 available?

A.  The paperback is ready as of June 8, 2013, and is available in the Amazon store via this link.

Q.  What if I don’t have a Kindle reader?

Amazon makes free apps to install on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.  I used them for nearly 2 years before getting a kindle, and now use it on all my devices.  No kindle is required.

Q.  Can I get Church Greeters 101 in a retail store like Lifeway or Barnes and Nobles?

Since the paperback is brand new on the market, I’m learning how to get the book into those stores for distribution.  After July 1, they should be able to order it for you.

Where to Order Church Greeters 101

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