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Church Greeter Training Tips for Free

Yes, you can HAVE access all these church greeter training videos for free as they are rolled out.

I’ve been studying and writing about church greeter training during the past 20 years and want to share this information with you, and I’m giving it all away for free.

I want to help you church greeter ministry get launched, get organized and get started. . . .

I ask you to sign up for them by email so that you will not be overwhelmed by all 10 at one time.

I assure you I do not rent, sell, or share this email list with no-one.

Why do you receive this videos over 30 days?

I’ve updated this series for 2014, when all 10 were released in 10 days.

The common complaint was it was too much information all at once.

With an every 3rd day role out, the pacing allows you to reflect and react to bite-size portions. You’ll be able to better impact your greeter ministry over time, rather than feeling overwhelmed at once.

Sample Church Greeter Tips

  • What six words do you not want a church greeter to say to a first time church visitor?
  • How many church greeting teams or church greeters do you need for church?
  • What are some suggested guidelines for church greeters?
  • What is a church greeter and what do church greeters do?
  • What are the duties of a church greeter? What needs to go into a church greeter training meeting?

Training for Church Greeters

How do you develop and train a team of greeters at church?

Do you have greeters in the church who don’t really know what to do?

Were they a warm recruit to fill a spot?

Or someone with the gifts to step in and do the job?

What do you use for church greeter training?

What Church Greeter tips can you share with your new recruits?

All of these questions will be addressed on the inside, as you contribute your thoughts and hear these church greeter training videos.

Most of these church greeter training videos are under 5 minutes each. Get in soon!

I take your privacy very seriously. You can read our entire privacy policy here.

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